Personalised for LOCAL students.
Local student means; you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.
Personalised for INTERNATIONAL students.
International student means; you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.

Student Hub

Have a question?

The Student Hub is a starting point to assist current and former students with day to day enquiries, information and support services available at Melbourne Polytechnic or external providers.

If we can’t directly help you with your enquiry, we will liaise with the relevant area of Melbourne Polytechnic to seek a response and will keep you informed of the progress of your request.

To contact our supportive team:

Operating hours:


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Closed weekends and public holidays.

Visit us on campus:

Preston campus

Student Hub Preston

Building C, Level 1
Monday - Friday
8.30am - 5pm


Student Hub Heidelberg

Building F, Level 1
Monday - Friday
8am – 4:30pm

Examples of what we can support you with:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Putting you in contact with your teaching department, IT support or the Library
  • Updating your personal details
  • Public Transport Victoria Concession Card applications
  • Printing Enrolment Confirmation information
  • Student parking and campus information or directions e.g. where to access First Aid, Prayer Rooms etc.
  • Student ID Card printing/reprinting
  • Printing and photocopy credit top-up (on site at Preston and Greensborough)
  • Where to find timetable information
  • Making counselling appointments
  • Verifying name changes, award certificates or Healthcare Card documents
  • Providing Awards verification for your employer or job service provider
  • Information and advice relating to Melbourne Polytechnic policies and procedures including:
    • Course refunds
    • Child Safety Policy
    • Student Code of Conduct Guidelines
    • Tuition Payment Plans
    • Course withdrawals and deferrals
    • Reprinting of certificates and transcripts
    • Providing feedback, i.e. complaints/compliments/suggestions

Frequently asked questions

Where are the Student Hubs located? 

The Student Hub has two locations: 

  • Preston Campus - Building C, Level 1 
  • Heidelberg Campus - Building F, Level 1 

How do I contact my teachers? 

The Student Hub can provide you with contact information for your department. Call 1300 635 276, press 2, and then 1 to get in touch. 

Where can I find a map of the campus? 

You can find campus maps at the bottom of our Contact Us page.

I'm interested in enrolling into a course; how do I apply? 

Student Hub generally assists current students. Go to How to Enrol for help with the application process.

You can also contact one of our Education and Course Advisors on 1300 635 276 (Press 1 on the menu) 

I need a document proving that I am enrolled at MP; where can I get one? 

You can call 1300 635 276 and navigate by pressing 2, then 1.

Or drop into the Student Hub to obtain a Student Confirmation Sheet. 

We can email it to you or provide hard copies at the Preston or Heidelberg campuses. 

Centrelink needs proof that I am an enrolled student; what can you provide for me? 

We can provide a signed Student Confirmation Sheet to you to give to Centrelink. 

Please call the Student Hub on 1300 635 276 and navigate by pressing 2, then 1.

Or come to the Student Hub at the Preston or Heidelberg campuses.

I need to pay my fees; who do I contact? 

You can pay your fees online once you have received your fee statement (all details will be in your email), or you can visit your campus Enrolment Centre and pay in person, or also contact one of our Education and Course Advisors by calling 1300 635 276 and pressing 1 on the menu. 

Students studying at the Heidelberg Campus can also visit the Heidelberg Student Hub in Building F to pay fees. Fees must be paid prior to first class. 

How do I withdraw from my course?  

If you have attended classes then you will need to get in contact with your department to withdraw. Otherwise, if you have never been to a class or started your course, then you can call the Student Hub on 1300 635 276 and navigate by pressing 2, then 1, or fill in a Student Request Form here: Make a Student Request (

If I withdraw from my course, am I eligible for a refund? 

If you are within 28 days of starting your course, then you will be eligible to be assessed for a refund for your course. 

The refund of fees will not be granted after 28 days of course commencement, or re-enrolment commencement date for Certificate I-IV courses, and after census date for Diploma level and above courses. Please find all refunds information on the Refunds pages.

How long will my refund take? 

Refunds will typically take between 2-3 weeks to come back to you. After 2-3 weeks you can contact the Student Hub on 1300 635 276 and navigate by pressing 2, then 1. Or send an email to

I am a new student, where can I get a Student ID card? 

You can have a Student ID card printed at your campus’ Library/Enrolment Centre, or the Student Hub at Preston or Heidelberg campuses.

I want to update my personal details; how do I do that? 

Go to Updating Your Personal Information and complete the Amendment to Personal Details Form.

What is my student email address and password? 

Your student email and password will be emailed to you via a tech support email when you enrol as a new student. 

As an example, your student email address will look like this: and your password will be a default password of your birthdate backwards like this: YYYYMMDD 

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it? 

You can choose the ‘reset’ option on the initial page where you are trying to log in, otherwise please call IT support on 1300 635 276 and navigate by pressing 2, then 3, and they can assist you. 

Where can I get my timetable? 

Once your timetable is completed, it will be available on the Thrive App and on your Student Portal. If you are having trouble finding it on Thrive or the Student Portal, you can also contact your department directly.  

Where can I get a parking permit?  

You can get a parking permit sticker for your car from any of our campus Libraries, or at the Student Hub at the Preston and Heidelberg Campuses. 

You will need to be a current student and show your Student ID Card to obtain this.  

Do I need to pay for parking? 

Yes, you will need to pay for parking at campuses with parking facilities. Please see the link for parking information on our website.  

I need help navigating Moodle; who can I contact?  

I need help navigating Zoom; who can I contact? 

A good place to start if you are having trouble using Zoom is with your teachers.

You can also call ICT on 1300 635 276, press 2, and then 3.

Watch some videos put together which explain the Zoom processes.

I don’t have a webcam for online Zoom classes; what can I do? 

Libraries at Epping, Fairfield and Preston have access to laptops you can hire to use on campus, for 4-hour intervals, that have webcams so you can join in on your Zoom classes. Call 1300 635 276, press 2, and then 2, to get in touch with your nominated Library to book. 

How do I view my course results? 

Your results can be found through the Student Portal. On the Portal page, click the light pink “Results” box, and then login to view your results. 

I completed my course last semester, when will I receive my certificate and transcript? 

Melbourne Polytechnic now issues electronic transcripts and qualifications via the My eQuals platform. Our Awards team will generate the certificates/transcripts once a month. Once all of your results have been entered and you have passed your units successfully in the month you finished your course, you should be in the next month’s cycle.

Please call the Student Hub on 1300 635 276 and navigate by pressing 2, then 1, to check your status if you think some time has passed.  

I require a replacement transcript for a previous course, where can I get one? 

We can re-issue most course transcripts. Transcripts come via two documents. One is called your Statement of Attainment, and the other is called your Statement of Results. 

We charge a $10 fee to re-issue transcripts, but we can take payment over the phone, and send the official transcript via email, same day. Just contact the Student Hub on 1300 635 276 and navigate by pressing 2, then 1. 

You can also fill out an online Student Request Form here and someone from the Student Hub will contact you: Make a Student Request (

I have lost my certificate; how do I get a replacement? 

Go to the Awards Office enquiry page to apply with our Awards team online.

What options are there for study support? 

Melbourne Polytechnic offers Individual Learning Skills Sessions, free online study help 24/7 via Studiosity, and an LN Support program - literacy and or numeracy support in your classes. 

Please find out more on our website or call the Library on 1300 635 276, press 2, and then 2. 

I have a diagnosed disability and may need help in class, can I talk to someone? 

Our Equity and Access team will work with you to decide on the services that are required to support you during your time at Melbourne Polytechnic. 

You can send them an email at and find more information here: 

How can I make a counselling appointment? 

For information about counselling services available to students at Melbourne Polytechnic, please see the Counselling webpage. 

If you are a current student, you can make a counselling appointment by either ringing the Student Hub on 1300 635 276 and navigate by pressing 2, then 1, or booking online at:  

Does Melbourne Polytechnic offer student accommodation? 

There are a number of accommodation options.  

Please find them listed here on our Accommodation page.

I want help with my resume and job search; do you offer anything? 

Our Skills and Job Centre will be able to help with you everything from resumes to careers advice.  

You can book an appointment online. 

I want to make a complaint; how do I do this? 

If you would like to make an official complaint for any reason, please complete the online form on our website and the Complaints Officer will get in contact with you: Lodge a Complaint (

I have a compliment/feedback I would like to share; how can I do this? 

If you would like to share any sort of feedback, or compliment a Melbourne Polytechnic staff member/department, please email the feedback department here: or fill out our compliments form on our website: Pay a Compliment (