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A large truck with "Melbourne Polytechnic Beekeeping Training Unit" and an image of a bee printed on the side.

Beekeeping Training Unit

Melbourne Polytechnic's Beekeeping Training Unit is a mobile beekeeping classroom.

Bees are indispensable to our ecosystem and food production. With the looming threat of the Varroa mite and other challenges, protecting our bee populations and nurturing the next generation of beekeepers has never been more crucial.

Our Beekeeping Training Unit stands as an innovative solution to this pressing need. It's a mobile training facility tailored to deliver comprehensive courses to aspiring beekeepers across Victoria. Equipped with a specialised classroom built into a customised truck trailer, our unit brings apiary training to regional and metropolitan Victoria.

It has been co-designed in collaboration with the Victorian Beekeeping industry and funded by the Department of Education and Training's Regional Specialist Training Fund (RSTF) program. 

Unlike traditional setups, our Beekeeping Training Unit doesn't transport bees or hives. Instead, it travels to locations where beekeepers are actively working. We partner with Victorian apiarists and industry organisations who manage hives, ensuring a seamless learning experience for our students.

Supported by the Victorian Government, this initiative aims to empower qualified and skilled individuals to contribute to Victoria's flourishing beekeeping and pollination services industry. By providing accessible training opportunities, we are fostering a sustainable future for beekeeping in our region.

Through this collaboration, we have developed the Certificate III in Beekeeping AHC31818, laying the groundwork for an innovative model of delivery. Our Beekeeping Training Unit ensures scalability and widespread access to quality education.