Personalised for LOCAL students.
Local student means; you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.
Personalised for INTERNATIONAL students.
International student means; you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.

International Student Association (MPISA)

MPISA - Melbourne Polytechnic International Student Association

As an international student, you automatically become part of the Melbourne Polytechnic International Student Association (MPISA) family. There’s no need to apply, fill in any forms or pay anything.

At Melbourne Polytechnic, we believe that inclusivity benefits the entire student community. All of our campuses are richly multicultural and our activities foster a culture of inclusivity. The role of the MPISA is to look after the wellbeing of international students and help this dynamic environment flourish.

What does the MPISA do?

The MPISA facilitates programs, events and activities that enrich your learning experience as an international student. You’ll have the opportunity to network and create your own events and programs with our support. With the help of MPISA, we hope Melbourne Polytechnic will soon feel like a home away from home.

As an international student, how do I get involved in the MPISA?

After you enrol, you will receive an email inviting you to International Students Welcome Day. At the Welcome Day, you’ll receive useful information to help you adjust to student life in Australia, including presenters from Tenancy Victoria, Metro and Victoria Police, as well as speakers from Melbourne Polytechnic Library and MPISA.

You will receive a regular e-newsletter through your student email to keep you updated on all the events happening in Melbourne Polytechnic and around Melbourne. The MPISA also hosts board games nights, Career Ready expos, a Conversation Club, Arrive and Thrive career planning days and more.   

International Student Leaders Program

If you would like to get involved, contribute and assist in organising programs to enhance the international student experience, apply now to join the International Student Leaders program.

How can I contact MPISA?

Follow us on International Office Facebook Page and SLAM Facebook Page.
If you have any questions or would like to say hi, please email us on