Personalised for LOCAL students.
Local student means; you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.
Personalised for INTERNATIONAL students.
International student means; you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.

International Agent Responsibilities

As one of our authorised agents, it's important you understand your responsibilities and the correct procedures.

Education Services for Overseas Students Legislative Framework (ESOS)

Melbourne Polytechnic is a registered dual-sector provider which offers education services to international students. In order for us to provide education and training services to overseas students, we must comply with the rules and regulations of the Federal Government, TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) and ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority).

This Legislative Framework includes:

The ESOS Act requires Melbourne Polytechnic to maintain a current list of authorised agents – if your agency’s contact details change, please contact the Projects Officer responsible for agent management, recruitment and marketing. 

ESOS requires agents (but not limited to):

  • Refer students who genuinely intend to be temporary entrants to Australia for the purpose of achieving successful education outcomes at Melbourne Polytechnic and who then plan to utilise the skills gained through study in Australia to return home (or to an alternate country) to gain employment
  • Ensure students receive accurate and current information about Melbourne Polytechnic, including campus locations, facilities, entrance requirements, information about the Melbourne Polytechnic course, and tuition fees
  • Ensure students receive information about living in Australia, the local environment, costs of living and accommodation options
  • Ensure that the Melbourne Polytechnic course is right for your client based on your client’s experience, English level and previous qualifications including information on content, duration, qualifications, tuition fees and payment/refund policies
  • Ensure students are aware of the conditions of their student visas and ensure they comply with these conditions
  • Do not engage in dishonest practices and not providing immigration advice where not qualified to do so

Agents Must Not:

  • Engage in dishonest practices including counselling students that they can arrive in Australia on a student visa with a primary purpose other than that of study
  • Identify students who do not comply with visa conditions yet still proceed with sending an application to Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Engage in false or misleading marketing/advertising or recruitment practices
  • Provide false or inaccurate information about a course at Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Provide false or inaccurate information about employment or migration outcomes associated with an Melbourne Polytechnic course
  • Commit to/guarantee a student that Melbourne Polytechnic will accept a prospective student into a course at Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Advertise or market Melbourne Polytechnic in any way without prior consent from Melbourne Polytechnic's International Office

Melbourne Polytechnic International Office recommends that authorised agents visit the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website for updates and visa enquiries.