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Melbourne Polytechnic has regrettably taken the decision to cancel the annual graduation ceremony on 27 and 28 May 2020 on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our primary concern is the health and welfare of our students, guests and, staff. We understand that graduation is an important milestone in a student’s journey and are saddened to not be able to share in that celebration with our graduands.

Melbourne Polytechnic will be in communication with all affected graduands, academic staff, all other students and third party providers involved.

Thank you for your support and understanding in this challenging time for everyone. We will continue to update the Melbourne Polytechnic community throughout the developing situation.

Melbourne Polytechnic Graduation

Melbourne Polytechnic has a long history of celebrating our student’s completion of their studies through graduation or award ceremonies. Due to our inclusive and diverse range of qualifications our students complete at Melbourne Polytechnic holds a number of graduation and award ceremonies throughout the year.

The presentation of certificates is the highlight of each event as it makes up the formal part of the graduation or award ceremony.

Each of our award and graduation ceremonies follow different formats and are scheduled for different dates, please see the individual pages to find out more information.

Invitation details 

Graduation ceremonies are held annually. If you're eligible to graduate, you will receive an invitation via email, and an RSVP to this invitation is required. Please make sure your email address is correct by completing the Personal Details Amendment Form and sending it to

If you have completed your course and are eligible to attend a ceremony, you will be automatically be invited.

Event details 

Once you have RSVP'd, you will receive an email that will include all of the details about the ceremony such as the location, how to get there, the registration process, the schedule of events, food service and the step-by-step process of what you and your graduating class mates will do when receiving an award.


If you've completed a Diploma or Advanced Diploma you will receive your testamur in the mail. If you are a Higher Education Graduand, you will receive their testamurs on the night of your ceremony, or in the mail after the last ceremony date if you're not attending. If you have completed a certificate you will receive your testamur in the mail.