Our Students

Zongting Ji

Melbourne Polytechnic taught me a lot of knowledge I need in the future, and by that way, I can learn what I need and what I should do.

What program are you studying (and campus) and what is your goal in the future? 

Certificate IV in Sound production , and I’d like to do everything about music, or have my own sound recording studio.

Why did you choose Melbourne Polytechnic? 

First of all, I like to drive to school, second of all, Melbourne Polytechnic have a lot of experience on teaching music, and they have great equipment.

What is a positive experience you have had at Melbourne Polytechnic?

I have a lot of local friends that moved to Melbourne Polytechnic.

What do you love about studying in Melbourne? 

I don’t know, Melbourne was my first choice when I decided to go abroad, and Melbourne never let me down.

A short paragraph about how Aus Bridge Education has assisted you

As usual, he ask me what I like to study, and he check the availability in all schools, then gave me the list, and I made the decision.


Shenyang, China


Certificate IV in Sound Production