Our Students

Wun-Tang Jhang

Wun-Tang completed Certificates III and IV in Commercial Cookery and the Diploma of Hospitality at Melbourne Polytechnic.

What do you like most about Melbourne Polytechnic?

I really like the multicultural atmosphere in Melbourne Polytechnic, and how it is very close to the City of Melbourne. It is also very convenient to come to class, because there is plenty of good public transport near the school. The campus is also very beautiful, with a large oval, allowing me to play soccer and walk my dog.

The equipment that my school provides is very good quality, and the facilities are commercial grade and like you would expect in a real restaurant.

Also I like that the class sizes are small.

The quality of the courses are very good.

What is your favourite class and why?

All the practical classes are very interesting and I learn a lot, particularly the subjects that I learn while I work at St Georges Restaurant, on campus in Preston. It was not just about learning how to cook, but also learn how to manage different sections of a kitchen and restaurant in general.

What tips do you have for new students about choosing where to study, coming to Melbourne Polytechnic?

Come before the start of the course to prepare yourself and to see the city, make friends, get a new sim card for my mobile phone, open a bank account and get used to the weather and the culture in Melbourne.

When I was thinking about choosing where to study, I chose Melbourne Polytechnic because they allowed me to view the teaching facilities, sample a free class, and talk to other students and teachers.

What are your future plans or goals?

At the moment I am studying Commercial Cookery, while working in 2 restaurants near my home. I want to continue working in the restaurant while studying so I can apply the knowledge and experience I have gained from Melbourne Polytechnic with my goal to find a sponsor so I can continue living permanently in Melbourne.

After completing the course, I want to become a good Chef, and continue to improve my skills in Commercial Cookery.

Why did you choose Melbourne Polytechnic?

I had a bad experience when I was studying in a private institute in Perth, because the quality of the facilities and the knowledge their teachers had was very low. I realised after this, that I should choose a school that is Government funded, and has a high reputation within the Hospitality industry worldwide.

Melbourne Polytechnic also provides a training facility called St Georges Restaurant, where I can learn how to work in a Commercial Kitchen, serving the general public.

Anything else you would like to mention about your experience at Melbourne Polytechnic or Australia?

I love living in Melbourne, and studying in Melbourne Polytechnic and I hope you do to!




Diploma of Hospitality