Our Students

Warrence Moorghen

Warrence came from Mauritius to study Agriculture and Technology (Viticulture and Winemaking) at Melbourne Polytechnic

I am from a small Island called Mauritius. I find the people really friendly in Melbourne and everyone is always willing to listen to you and help you out. I really enjoy the Bachelor of Agriculuture Technology (Viticulture) because the people in Australia really enjoy wine and the course allows me to get a lot of experience from Australian winemakers. There is always interest around when I study my course at Melbourne Polytechnic with people asking me “oh where do you come from?” and “what are you doing here?” which is good but at the same time it is great to have Australian students in your class which makes you practice your English and ask them where to go in Melbourne and what to do in Melbourne.

The public transport in Melbourne is really flexible. You can use trains, buses or trams.

Finding a place to live was really easy as I knew a few people from Melbourne before I came. Planning ahead is really helpful and Melbourne Polytechnic has many people to help you find a place to live. Melbourne has parks in nearly every suburb and it is pretty safe.

I got a job as a bartender and have been working as one for 3 years now.




Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology (Viticulture and Winemaking)