Our Students

Vuong Thanh Tran

Vuong Thanh Tran has come from Vietnam to study Information Technology at Melbourne Polytechnic

What are the 5 things you like most about Melbourne Polytechnic?

The environment is nice, teachers are always here to help you when you are in need, computers are accessible and easy to use, it is close to my house and fees are reasonable to pay comparing to other universities

What is your favourite class and why?

E-Business because you learn how to build a website for a business using word-press

What tips do you have for new students about choosing where to study, what to consider when choosing which provider to study at, or considering coming to Melbourne Polytechnic?

Come and try it out.  It is depending on our ability, financial aspect and the course that you like to do the most.

What are your future plans or goals? (Will you go onto further study and utilise the pathways is, or plan on using your Melbourne Polytechnic qualification?)

I plan to look for a job that is related to my study area using the qualification that I achieved from Melbourne Polytechnic.  Other than that, I’m still unsure about going on to further study in the future.

Why did you choose Melbourne Polytechnic?

They offer the course that I like to do which is IT and they also offer a reasonable tuition fees comparing to other schools




Bachelor of Information Technology