Our Students

Travis Tyszkiewicz

As a mature-age student looking for a new career, Travis reflected upon his skills and strengths and enrolled in the Bachelor of Early Years.

Travis originally studied drama at the National Theatre and became a professional actor. But after some time working in the industry, he decided that he needed change. While looking for a new, Travis realised that he has always had a strong rapport with children.

“I thought about what I was good at, what I enjoyed doing. I found that as I’ve grown up, I’ve always had a pretty good understanding of younger people. I’ve always had young kids around. I’ve coached under-12 cricket and had the role of junior coordinator at my local cricket club.”

After looking around at courses, Travis found that Melbourne Polytechnic offered a distinctive focus on the individual.

“I was drawn to the delivery method and the way the content is based on a holistic approach rather than developmental. It looks at the individual rather than thinking every child is the same. They’re all different.”

Over the four-year course, Travis has found that it is easy to build a relationship with his instructors.

“The teachers have been very approachable and very knowledgeable. We have the same teachers throughout the course, so you start to build a nice relationship with them over the four years.”

The chance to practice new skills on different student placements has given Travis valuable practical experience and reinforced Melbourne Polytechnic’s hands-on approach to learning about education.

“Our course is really practical. I’ve taught a whole range of ages, from primary school to kindergarten and early learning centres. I’ve probably done 150 days of placement so far.”

Travis has one more year to go in his course, after which he is interested in primary teaching.

“I would like to get into teaching. I’m not sure which pathway I’m going to take yet, whether it will be the kindergarten or primary school route, but at the moment I’m leading towards primary school.”

 “I would recommend the course to others. It’s a great pathway into a rewarding career.”


Bachelor of Education (Early Years)