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Tahir Hashmi

Lalor resident Tahir Hashmi has been through several career transitions, including a stint in the clothing import business and a lengthy career in quality management.

This year, he’s embarking on another challenge, after graduating with an Associate Degree in Accounting from Melbourne Polytechnic.

The 54-year-old father of two is currently looking for a position as a tax accountant, while continuing to study part-time for a bachelor’s degree. He says his experience at Melbourne Polytechnic has been very positive and he’s looking forward to starting the new Bachelor of Accounting course, with its focus on sustainable business and environmental economics. “This will give me an advantage over existing accountants, learning these new skills,” he says.

Tahir, who is originally from Pakistan, has a post-graduate diploma in quality management and worked in the field for several years. But after a trip overseas several years ago, he had problems getting another job. “It was hard for me to get back into the workforce because of my age.” With a son-in-law working as an accountant for a city council, Tahir did his research and found accountants were in great demand in Australia. He’s hoping he can eventually work from home to allow him to spend more time with his family. “I will work with a company for at least a year to get registration and run my own business as a tax accountant,” he says.

He says the small classes at Melbourne Polytechnic were very beneficial to his learning experience. “I enjoyed the whole course. The teachers were very helpful and people were friendly. This encouraged me to work harder. Accounting is like a language. Once you understand the concepts you enjoy it. These concepts were explained to us very clearly early on and having this foundation made things easier in the later stages of the course.”

Before coming to Australia, Tahir spent five years living in Torino (Turin), Italy where he ran a business importing women’s clothing. He says the High Commissioner in Italy encouraged him to come to Melbourne when he applied for Australian residency. “I knew my children would have a better future in Australia. But I had no relatives or friends in Australia, and it was hard to decide where to settle. “I asked him why should I go to Melbourne, and he replied “because I’m a Melburnian and it’s the best city to live in,” and laughed. Tahir says: “He was right, the past 27 years have been the best, and now I tell people who plan to migrate to Australia that Melbourne is definitely the place to be.”


Associate Degree in Accounting