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Suzanne Downes

Suzanne Downes enrolled in the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment keen to explore a new career in training.

With more than 20 years of industry experience in recruitment and marketing, Suzanne says she loved every moment of the course and rebuilding her own confidence and training capabilities.

“I’d recommend the course to anyone who is considering advancing their knowledge. It’s amazing what I’ve got out of it… how much I already knew, but the incredible amount I was able to learn I could never have anticipated.”

Keen to explore her interest in training, Suzanne Downes reinforced her confidence and training capabilities through Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Suzanne had run her own recruitment company and worked in IT recruitment for 21 years before she sparked at the idea of becoming a trainer. Many employers had suggested this in the past and Suzanne knew that she had a natural affinity for communicating with people of different ages, abilities and backgrounds.

“In all of the jobs that I’ve had, I’ve always been asked to train people. I love public speaking and am very happy to get up and talk with five minutes’ notice and without any notes.”

She knew that Melbourne Polytechnic was an excellent provider of training courses and decided to enrol in the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

“I’d seen thousands of candidates in recruitment over 21 years and I knew that Melbourne Polytechnic had a very good reputation, and the quality of candidates who had done this particular course was very high.”

But after being in the workforce and away from the classroom for many years, Suzanne was concerned that the course might be too rigorous for her.

“I hadn’t studied for 30 years, but the teachers were always very supportive and encouraging. I soon couldn’t wait to come to class on a Tuesday!”

Suzanne found the diversity of students in the class astounding and appreciated the respect and trust that the teachers established early on.

“It didn’t matter that I was 40 years older than some of my classmates. I really looked forward to going to class, because the group itself was very interesting. It was such a diverse group of people who had such varied backgrounds and contributions to share.”

Suzanne’s confidence flourished as she realised she had much to share from her own experience.

“I used to tell stories from 30 years ago but things haven’t really changed all that much so I found that my experience was still relevant in the classroom today.”

She became more comfortable in completing set tasks, with the support of her teachers.

“I got very nervous when I had to do my presentations and learned that being a mature-aged student means you’re still subject to the same temptations of procrastination!”

Suzanne plans to become a freelance trainer and still keeps in contact with some of her classmates. She credits the teaching staff with helping to bolster confidence.

“The course taught me that I was able to cope with the level of intensity that it required. On the days where I was a bit panicky or unsure of where I fitted in academically, the teachers would reassure me and we would end up sharing a laugh instead.”


Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment