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Simon Jones

Melbourne Polytechnic graduate, Simon Jones, used to work as a travel agent but always had an interest in computer programming. Two years after enrolling in the information technology course at Melbourne Polytechnic, he’s working as a web developer for one of the largest IT distributors in Australia.

It took a couple of years working overseas and a stint as a travel agent before Melbourne Polytechnic graduate, Simon Jones, found the right career. “I’d been playing with computers since school. The programming side of things had always really interested me. One night I was on the internet looking for IT courses when I found the Melbourne Polytechnic diploma course.”

Two years later, after completing the Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Systems Process and Improvement) at Melbourne Polytechnic, Simon is working as a web developer for Multimedia Technology, one of the largest IT distributors in Australia.

For Simon, one of the highlights of the course was the industry-based project he and his classmates developed in his final year, an online system for Whittlesea Community Connections that matched volunteers with relevant placement opportunities. “It was incredible. I learned so much. It involved going through the project life cycle, analysing what they wanted from the application and then building it. I loved doing that. It was as close as we could get to the real world experience. The skills I learned have really helped me in my job now.” In 2009, Simon also won the Melbourne Polytechnic Outstanding Student of the Year award for academic excellence, after achieving a high distinction average throughout his two-year course.

Through the teachers at Melbourne Polytechnic, Simon was also offered a number of industry opportunities, including a casual role as a web maintenance administrator for Melbourne Polytechnic's Marketing and Communications department. When the managing director of Multimedia Technology contacted his teacher looking for a new hire, Simon got the job. “The industry experience we got through the Whittlesea project was invaluable, and the industry connections at Melbourne Polytechnic are also fantastic.”

In his current role, Simon is responsible for Multimedia’s website which has just been through a major redevelopment. “This is the stuff that excites me and that I really enjoy doing. It’s about being able to take a problem I’ve been given and come up with a solution. To see that put in place is very rewarding.”

Simon met his Colombian wife, Catalina, while studying at Melbourne Polytechnic's Collingwood campus. The two married earlier this year and plan to live in the US where Simon will take advantage of the career opportunities on offer in the IT industry. "The industry is a bit ahead over there. We also want the adventure of getting out there and living somewhere else for a while."


Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Systems Process and Improvement)