Our Students

Shaun Robinson

After starting at University in 2011, Shaun realised that it wasn’t for him.

“A couple of weeks into the course I realised that I really didn’t like the learning style. I’d taken a short course at Melbourne Polytechnic previously, and I liked their hands on approach, so I gave them a call. I started a couple of weeks into semester and the rest is history I guess.”

After graduating from NMIT, now known as Melbourne Polytechnic, at the end of 2012, Shaun got an interview with CISCO. “I was lucky enough to get a contract with CISCO straight out of finishing study. It’s definitely a recognised name to work for, and there’s a certain amount of respect that goes with it. As I tell my mates, I get to suit up and drink three coffees a day! I love it!”

For Shaun, the accreditation based assessments he took part in at Melbourne Polytechnic have helped him a lot on the job. “It has been pretty great to see all the things we learned out in the real world and to see that it was all useful. You sit through year 12, all these math classes and stuff and you don’t know how you’ll use it. But then you go to TAFE and it’s immediately obvious, it’s great.”

The two years that Shaun was at Melbourne Polytechnic made a big impact on his life, even outside of class. “I actually have a housemate from the course. I still see a lot of the guys too; we do a good job of keeping in touch over social media. We get together for beers or gaming. It’s good to still be in contact with all these people who you were working in groups with and generally just helping each other out.”

Despite being employed in his dream job, Shaun still has the ambition to do more. He aims to get his professional level Cisco certification while at work and to try and specialise in a specific technology. Shaun wants to travel with his job, “The great thing about I.T and the internet is that it’s applicable everywhere. You can take your skill set and go anywhere you want.”


Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering