Our Students

Samantha Urquijo Garcia

Samantha came from Colombia to study Business at Melbourne Polytechnic

Melbourne is a really clean city and it is really nice to live in a place where people really look after the city. I am really glad that my student agent suggested Melbourne Polytechnic to do my further studies here in Australia. She said Melbourne Polytechnic had great facilities and very experienced teachers – and she was right. So I think I made the right decision.

When I arrived in Melbourne, I went walking along Docklands and asked people if they were looking for somebody to work and I was very lucky because the first place I went to ask, they gave me a job!

Melbourne is a funky city but at the same time it is such a beautiful place. I am really glad that I chose Melbourne. There are so many different places you can go – you can go shopping, you can go have a coffee with a friend, go clubbing, to a bar and have a drink- it is just amazing. The people are very friendly – they just love people from other countries – which is a good for us because when you go to a different country you don’t know anybody and you wish everybody would welcome you and be nice to you. This is exactly what has happened to me and I definitely recommend to come to Melbourne.




Bachelor of Business