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Salma Mohamed

Salma Mohamed migrated to Australia in 2007 sponsored by her grandmother.

With little english when she arrived, Salma enrolled in the YAMEC program at Melbourne Polytechnic, then in bridging science which has provided a pathway to Higher education in Applied Sciences and Medical Radiations (Nuclear Medicine) at RMIT in 2011.

I migrated with my family to Australia in 2007 via a sponsorship visa by my grandmother.

With very little understanding of the English language, I enrolled In YAMEC 2 at Melbourne Polytechnic. Here I learned essential communication skills, built some confidence and got an understanding of life in Australia.

In 2008, without any knowledge in science and maths, I started bridging science at Melbourne Polytechnic.

In the Certificate lll in Science, I built a fundamental knowledge of science subjects including chemistry, biology and maths as well as communication skills that were a vital grounding for me before starting the Certificate IV in Science.

In 2009 I studied the Certificate IV in Science. Here I gained a deeper understanding of maths, biology, chemistry and physics, and also mastered report writing and communication skills that were essential prior to undertaking a university degree. The teachers’ aim wasn’t only for students to do well in the course in order to get into uni but to build confidence and knowledge of science and maths that will last a life time. The experience I gained from Cert IV in Science played an important role in building my confidence in science and success at university.

After completing the first year of Applied Sciences at RMIT University in 2010, I changed my path to Medical Radiations (Nuclear Medicine) at RMIT in 2011 and I was one of the top students in my first semester.

I believe without the motivation and the encouragement of my very caring and passionate teachers  I wouldn’t have come this far.

Bridging science at Melbourne Polytechnic can make a difference in your life as it did to my life. It is never too late to achieve your dreams/goal.


Certificate III in Science, Certificate IV in Science