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Sachini Sooriyaarachchi

I completed my G.C.E. Advance Level in 2008 and I was qualified to enter the Civil Engineering Course at the Technical College in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

During my course I was given the opportunity to work in the Civil Engineering industry in Sri Lanka. As I am holding a provisional visa for Australia I had the chance to come to Australia for my further studies.

I was exposed to the Civil Engineering industry from a young age as my father is working in the Civil Engineering industry as well. So I was motivated to achieve the highest qualification possible to use as a foundation for a successful career and follow in the footsteps of my father.

I collected details and applied for several institutes and universities that offer Civil Engineering courses in Australia. Even though I received offers from other institutes I was drawn to the Melbourne Polytechnic. This was because from the beginning I received a welcoming feeling from Melbourne Polytechnic. I also felt the course offered would be a good stepping stone for me to enter the Civil Engineering Industry in Australia. So I decided to join with this well organised institute. My aim is to eventually complete a degree in Civil Engineering.

I believe the Melbourne Polytechnic International office gives good support for international students. They organise seminars for the international students and they provide details about the new visa processes, part time working and so on. Also international students are welcome to visit the international office at any time for support. This greatly assisted me in settling down in a country I had never visited before.

From the very first day the teachers and staff were very friendly and helpful. In my course all the teachers are well qualified in the engineering industry (Mr.Trevor Sproat, Mr. Robert Presutti, Mrs.Keran Markham, Mrs. Reena Jayanthraj). Their approaches to teaching make it easy for international students who have different standards of English knowledge to complete their studies. This makes it very easy when tackling complicated theory or equations. Also they are very patient and happy to clarify any questions we may have.

In today’s world the technology is rapidly changing. In addition standards in the industry are also changing. I believe as a Melbourne Polytechnic student I am getting the opportunity through our course to experience this technology and varying standards.

Furthermore this course contains tests, worksheets, making structures, oral presentations, practicals and excursions. I believe this course is not only teaching us the theories of Civil Engineering but also improving our communication and organisational skills. This will help to market our selves to the job industry in the future.

After completing my advance diploma at Melbourne Polytechnic my next step in my studies is to complete my degree at the RMIT University in Melbourne. As I have already been made a previous offer I am confident of being accepted into RMIT.

Since I came to this country, I had to spend a little time getting familiar with the new culture, languages, people and so on. I am happy for the opportunity I have been given. Due to the multicultural society in Melbourne I even had the opportunity to meet friends from different countries. Together we are enjoying our life and completing our course.




Sri Lanka


Advanced Diploma of Engineering Design