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Rick Gentile

Rick Gentile worked as a sports coach, gym instructor and personal trainer but always had an interest in massage.

After completing Melbourne Polytechnic's Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy) and receiving a $1000 study grant, Rick now has his own thriving massage business.

With a background working in fitness, Rick Gentile completed the Melbourne Polytechnic Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy) and is now working as a myotherapist.

Rick Gentile worked in the health and fitness industry for eight years as a sports coach, gym instructor and personal trainer but was always interested in learning massage. Rick did some research on the Melbourne Polytechnic Massage program, which was recommended by a previous student, and attended a Melbourne Polytechnic open day at the Preston Campus before enrolling.

"The course gave you the essentials to become a myotherapist or a massage therapist and also gave you the tools to go out there in the field and start a business yourself," he says.

"I've worked with people who have studied at other places and they've said it wasn't as hands-on. There's also a lot more contact hours."

The in-house Melbourne Polytechnic Massage Clinic allowed Rick and other students to gain practical experience while receiving help from the teachers.

"There were a variety of teachers, which I think was important. Each one had a different background, in the therapies they specialised in – we had a chiropractor, remedial massage therapist, someone from a sports background, someone from a holistic background – it gave us an idea of what we could get into and specialise in."

While Rick was studying he worked at a local massage clinic for several months, where he gained experience running the clinic. When a room became vacant at a chiropractor in Macleod, he set up his own business as a myotherapist – Muscular Solutions.

Working alongside established chiropractors, Rick has built up his clientele, marketed his services and now has regular work six days a week at the practice. He believes that his work complements the work of the chiropractors. "Chiropractors work on the skeletal system and myotherapists work on the muscular system, so in some ways they work hand in hand."

In 2011, Rick applied for and received an Melbourne Polytechnic Study Grant for $1000, sponsored by Alliance Catering, which allowed him to buy an electric table, a necessary piece of equipment for his job. He finished the Melbourne Polytechnic Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy) in July 2011 and has now worked at the practice for a year.

"It's not an easy job, it's very demanding, but managing it comes with experience. Once you learn how to manage your work and not do too much, once you're organised and structured and you have clear goals, you can do enough to help someone but not demand too much of yourself."

Eventually Rick would like to create his own clinic for pain management, helping people deal with pain and injuries.


Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy)