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Renee Casauria

Like many Year 12 students, Renee Casauria was daunted by the choices that lay ahead.

She knew that she enjoyed Business Studies and enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate III in Marketing. 

Two years later, Renee has just been accepted into the Bachelor of Business Marketing at La Trobe University, where she will be able to articulate her Advanced Diploma of Marketing from Melbourne Polytechnic into a degree qualification.

“I really hoped to do well overall and to grow as a student, to see if this was the right course for me. I now know that I’m on the right path.”

After undertaking Certificates III and IV, and the Advanced Diploma in Marketing, Renee Casauria has now been accepted into the Bachelors degree at La Trobe University.

Renee knew that Business Studies was her favourite subject in Year 12 and decided to build on this strength by enrolling in the Certificate III in Marketing.

“I was really shy and not very confident at first. It’s a big change moving from high school, where you knew everyone, to knowing no one and having people of all ages in the class.”

While it only took Renee a month to settle in and make friends, she recalls being impressed early on by her teachers who were always there to answer questions and provide extra help.

“I think I was blessed with good teachers and that helped me make it through to the end. There was a support system, not just a lecture then go off and do your own thing.”

She was keen to do well but also keen to know that she had chosen the right course. Renee found her teachers supported her in a way that was particularly invaluable to school leavers.

“If I had have gone straight to university from high school I may have struggled. Melbourne Polytechnic is more hands on. You can see that the teachers care and are willing to put in the extra time.”

From this support, Renee was able to study with more focus and assuredness. In her eyes, Renee knows that she couldn’t have done any better. She gave her best at every stage. This in turn opened up a new opportunity, studying the Bachelors degree at La Trobe University.

“I feel like I’m confident enough now to take on independent study. It really helped me to grow as a person and certainly helped me to get into La Trobe University.”

Renee is thankful to her teachers for helping her with the application process and encouraging her to continue studying. She’s also relieved that there are quite a few Melbourne Polytechnic students who will also be joining her at La Trobe University for the next part of her journey.


Certificate III in Marketing, Certificate IV in Marketing, Advanced Diploma of Marketing