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Reagan Ng

Reagan Ng's family has a history of locksmithing, so it was natural for him to want to enter the field too.

Reagan says Melbourne Polytechnic's Certificate III in Locksmithing gave him a good overview of the industry and the skills he needed to gain full time employment in Australia with Amalgamated Locksmiths where he is currently working.

Both Reagan Ng's father and grandfather were locksmiths, but it is not just family tradition that has brought Reagan to the career.

"It is my own interest too," he says. Reagan came to Australia from Malaysia to work and study Locksmithing at Melbourne Polytechnic, formerly known as NMIT, and says he has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. "I believe that Melbourne Polytechnicis the best institute that offers locksmithing."

Reagan completed the Melbourne Polytechnic Certificate III in Locksmithing/Diploma of Engineering Technology at the end of 2012 learning all the necessary knowledge and skills to work as a locksmith, and is now successfully employed as a Locksmith Technician with Amalgamated Locksmiths.

Taught at the Heidelberg campus, the Locksmithing program at Melbourne Polytechnic trains students to meet industry standards, focusing on new technology and methods. Areas of study in the Melbourne Polytechnic Certificate III in Locksmithing include engineering measurements, key production and automotive locking systems.

Reagan says the course provides a good overview of the locksmithing industry and covers a wide variety of subject matter and skills. "We don't just open locks, we fit locks and we maintain and service them." 

He found the teachers to be very helpful. "They're friendly but they're strict on workmanship. Everything we do has to meet a certain standard."

The skills and expertise Reagan has acquired during the course have directly helped him in his workplace. "We made and used tools in class that I now use when I'm working. The skills I learned at Melbourne Polytechnic have been very useful."

"I'm currently working full-time at Amalgamated Locksmiths in Collingwood, which is really good. There are lots of interesting people there. I commenced working here on a part time basis while I was studying at NMIT, and the company were impressed enough with my skills to offer me full time employment when I completed studies.”

Reagan enjoys the interesting places and the behind-the-scenes work the course and now his job have allowed him to experience. "You get to see things that normal people don't see, like when you're working on the security in a bank. It's really interesting."

Reagan now has his sights set on apply for permanent residency in Australia.




Certificate III in Locksmithing (Non-industry and international)