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Randy Suson

After fifteen years as a religious minister, then a career in aged care management, Randy Suson decided to follow his love of plants and become a landscape gardener.

Enrolling in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate III in Horticulture, Randy’s thirst for knowledge quickly took root and flourished into a successful business, all while still studying the course.

“I always recommend the course to other people. I tell them it’s how I became who I am today.”

Randy Suson enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate III in Horticulture and quickly grew a new career out of determination, focus and support from his teachers.

When Randy enrolled in the Certificate III in Horticulture, he didn’t really have a background in gardening. He just knew that he loved growing plants and being in beautiful gardens.

Randy set out to forge a new career as a landscape gardener, while running a residential Aged Care Facility with his wife and with two small children.

“It was very hard at the time, to be in a new industry with no background or experience. It was difficult to manage work, life and study. We worked 24/7.”

Yet Randy knew that he’d found a passion and a new direction with great potential. He registered as a landscaper while still studying the one-year course full-time and began developing his skills and confidence.

“Studying the Certificate III in Horticulture was the first step in a new career and the best step that I have ever taken. It really fits me well.”

Randy relished the opportunity to study pests and diseases and realised there were also study pathways that could further his knowledge and strengthen his career as it grew.

Randy enrolled in Certificate IV in Horticulture but has had to defer due to the increasing demands on his business.

“As soon as I finished Cert III I started picking up work. It really helped to have contacts from my previous careers. I think it gave me an excellent kick start!”

Now in the process of obtaining his Landscaping Licence with the Landscaping Industry Association of Victoria, Randy cannot recommend the course enough.

“I am so thankful to the Melbourne Polytechnic staff who gave me a sense of direction. It was much easier to take risks with their support. Most of my success is because of my teachers, I am engaged and passionate about my career because of them.”

Randy now employs some of his classmates in his business. To some, his story might sound like an easy transition from one career to another. Randy is quick to correct any misconceptions.

“It’s always a challenge. It might sound easy, but you need focus and determination. I’m very busy and it’s pretty full on… but I’m definitely enjoying it!”


Certificate III in horticulture