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Rajni Rajput

When I came to Australia, I had a degree and overseas experience as an accounts officer. But getting a job, even a volunteer work was a real challenge in Australia, most companies/organisations expect local experience.

I then had the opportunity to be part of Melbourne Polytechnic-OQP. As part of curriculum, I learnt about Australian work culture, CV pre requisites and learnt about interviews etc.

Through Melbourne Polytechnic, I was given the opportunity of doing a work placement with Melbourne Health.

My continued effort, efficient mentoring and supportive people along with volunteering work gave me an opportunity to apply for and then have an interview for as a Business Analyst at Royal Melbourne Health, I am now employed as a Business Analyst.

Some of the most important elements in an Australian job is positive attitude and good liaison. I am content my new journey has started and thankful to all, especially Melbourne Polytechnic, OQP and Melbourne Health for being supportive always.

Rajni is a Business Analyst, Melbourne Health, part of the NMIT OQP program at Melbourne Health giving the opportunity for work placement to participants in Melbourne Polytechnic's Overseas Qualified Professional Program.


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