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Peter Grenfell

Peter Grenfell's education background proved to be a good complement to his Melbourne Polytechnic Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management course.

The course led to work with the Darebin Creek Management Committee, where he was able to bring an increased educational focus by introducing local school groups to the magic of the creek.

Peter Grenfell works for the Darebin Creek Management Committee and is currently completing the Diploma of Conservation and Land Management part-time.

After five years teaching primary school students, Peter Grenfell decided he needed a change. "I found the classroom environment a bit enclosed, being stuck in one room. I guess I found that a little bit challenging."

He enrolled in the Melbourne Polytechnic Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management and is now completing the Melbourne Polytechnic Diploma of Conservation and Land Management part-time while he works as a Project Officer for the Darebin Creek Management Committee (DCMC). His role involves environmental education, project development, applying for grants and working with the Friends of Darebin Creek and other community groups with an interest in learning about Darebin Creek.

"I've brought my primary teaching background to the job, so I've done a bit more work in the education area than had previously been done in the role. If a school is in our catchment area I can go to their school or else they come to Darebin Parklands. I've really enjoyed the chance to work with kids in the outdoors, in the bush or down by the creek. Talking about environmental stuff is always really interesting and the kids love it too."

"What I originally meant to do was to change out of teaching into something completely different and do hands-on work but it turned out the environmental education role was perfectly suited to me, being in between teaching and full-on outdoors work. It's a nice middle ground."

Peter has enjoyed his time at Melbourne Polytechnic studying Conservation and Land Management. "It's a great course where you get out of the classroom and get hands-on. The best subjects are when we can actually get outside and get our hands dirty."

"The teachers are great, especially Sally Edwards. She's fantastic. She's been there a long time, her experience is great and I've really enjoyed her subjects, which involve a lot of outdoors work."

"One of the major things the course has helped me with was learning about Waterwatch activities. Using them is a big part of my education role."

Peter will finish the Diploma of Conservation and Land Management in the next few years and will continue to work at the DCMC. "The job has been a good stepping stone into the conservation and land management industry. I'm really enjoying it so I'll continue doing that for as long as I can and see how the future goes."


Diploma of Conservation and Land Management