Our Students

Natthanon Waiyavut

Natthanon came from Thailand to study Commercial Cookery at Melbourne Polytechnic

What do you like most about Melbourne Polytechnic?

I like this campus as I have made heaps of friends from all over the world. The teachers are very approachable, friendly and experts in their field. Since the canteen is within the campus, I can catch a quick bite whenever I get hungry. The campus location is apt and one can easily reach it by bus/train. It is nice to be a student in here.

What is your favourite class and why?

A lot of my course is practical based but I prefer the theory classes in the classrooms where the teachers give very clear-cut information and reasons why there are specific requirements for the hospitality industry for example cleanliness, temperature ranges and order of processes. It feels like I am getting real knowledge that I can use in the practical classes.

What are your future plans or goals?

I want to continue to improve my English, improve and learn business and hospitality skills return to Bangkok where I will work in my family’s Thai restaurant as Head Chef and bring success to my family business.

Why did you choose Melbourne Polytechnic?

My sister had a great experience studying the same course and recommended it to me because she felt the teaching method, a mix of theory and practical was a great way to learn. She felt that the program was very comprehensive and a great opportunity to learn how to cook a wide variety of food.

The campus is close to public transport, the Preston market where I can buy fresh food to cook at home and the atmosphere is very friendly.

Anything else you would like to mention about your experience at Melbourne Polytechnic or Australia?

I love the weather; the change of seasons is very different to Thailand.

I also love the way of life in Melbourne. It’s clean, not too hectic and everything is very organized and welcoming. Even the police in Australia are very friendly which is a bit unexpected!




Certificate III in Commercial Cookery