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Nadia Yousif

Having no previous experience in accounting, Nadia Yousif initially found her Bachelor of Accounting classes difficult. Now, with just one semester left before she graduates, she is one of the top students in her class.

Nadia came to Australia to study and take some time to explore the country that so many of her friends and family from Canada already loved. She chose Melbourne Polytechnic, formerly known as NMIT, because it offered her the kind of study environment she already knew she enjoyed.

“I studied in a TAFE environment in Canada too; however at NMIT, because they have the Bachelor’s program, it’s a little bit different. It’s a TAFE environment but a university.”

While she had always had an interest in accounting, and had considered it as an option earlier in her career, Nadia wasn’t quite sure whether it was something she would really love in practice.

“I didn’t know, going into the accounting course, if I would like it. I gave myself first semester and then thought maybe I would change my course, but I was drawn into the program, the teachers and the students; I just felt so comfortable.”

With no experience in accounting, Nadia did find the first year of her study challenging at times.

“A lot of people in the course already had a background in accounting — from work and study. They were coming to get that qualification after experiencing the industry, but that just made me push myself a little bit more.”

Just two years later, Nadia has no regrets about her choice. In fact she was recently awarded a study grant as one of the top students in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Accounting course.

“Right now I am very proud of myself for what I have achieved and what I have been able to do. My goal was to be good at accounting, to be good at what I wanted to do. It is a difficult program, but I love it. It’s a challenge, but it’s a challenge to be won.”

True to her expectations of studying in a TAFE environment, Nadia has found the support of those around her invaluable. In particular, she is gaining a lot from regular, one-on-one feedback from her teachers.

“The teachers are lovely. They’re very efficient, very competent at doing their work and they offer you all their best.”

Nadia is looking forward to graduating next year, and finding work in a small accounting firm to continue to develop her skills. She would encourage anyone considering an accounting to take the first step, and would “definitely, definitely, definitely” recommend Melbourne Polytechnic.

“My advice to others is work hard, because the reward will make you forget all that hard work and effort you put in.”


Bachelor of Accounting