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Lucy Hardie

Lucy Hardie is appreciating the variety of artistic techniques she's exploring in her Bachelor of Illustration course – particularly the chance to explore digital art.

Lucy's piece Bo Peep exhibited as a finalist at The Undergraduate, an exhibition featuring the works of students from Victoria's leading art institutions.

When Melbourne Polytechnic introduced the Bachelor of Illustration to its courses, artist Lucy Hardie decided to enrol to develop her skills further and gain a qualification.

Lucy Hardie started several degrees in writing and visual arts but decided not to finish. Instead, her time went towards establishing herself as an artist, creating works of art and exhibiting them in galleries around Melbourne and Victoria. She heard about the Melbourne Polytechnic Illustration program and decided to enrol when the Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Illustration was added.

"I wanted to gain more skills to take into the commercial realm. I liked the look of this course because it combines fine arts with graphic design."

TheMelbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Illustration is designed to help artists and illustrators develop their artistic skills as well as learn about working as a professional in the creative industry.

Lucy works primarily in painting and drawing but has found the variety of methods taught in the course to be beneficial. "We have covered different methods, including life drawing and digital art. I enjoy traditional art but I also really like learning digital art. I see that as supporting traditional methods."

"I really appreciate the focus on technique and the variety in the course – there are so many different things to learn. I'm developing all these different skills and if there's one method I enjoy, I can pursue that."

The experience of the teaching staff has been valuable and she has enjoyed being part of such a creative group of students. "Everyone in the course has their own strengths and their own very particular style. It's awesome to be able to learn from other people who are really good at certain things."

Lucy was selected as a finalist and had her work displayed at The Undergraduate in 2011, an exhibition featuring the works of students from Victoria's leading art institutions. Her piece Bo Peep was a reflection on childhood memories and transformation. "I was surprised to see it among some really highly abstract and conceptual art because my work is technically detailed. I was happy that it was appreciated."

Due to finish the course at the end of 2012, Lucy is considering further study and a job as an art teacher while she continues to practise her art.


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