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Lee-jay Marshall

Lee-Jay Marshall left school at the end of Year 10 to enrol in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Intermediate VCAL course.

She then returned to Melbourne Polytechnic to complete the Senior VCAL program after a few years in the workplace and is now enrolled in the Certificate IV in Community Services Work. Lee-Jay hopes to continue studying and upgrading her skills for many years to come.

“I recommend Melbourne Polytechnic to lots of people, all different ages, part-time and full-time, VCAL and other courses. It’s good for everyone!”

Lee-Jay Marshall enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Intermediate VCAL program when she finished Year 10 and realised that high school was not the best fit for her.

At the end of Year 10, Lee-Jay entered the Intermediate VCAL program along with a few of her high school classmates. She’d heard positive things about Melbourne Polytechnic and knew she wanted to continue studying, just not in school.

“I wanted to finish the Year 11 and 12 equivalent so that I had the opportunity to study further later in life. I didn’t want to finish school at the end of year 10. It really wasn’t a hard decision to make, Melbourne Polytechnic was close by and I’d heard only good things.”

Lee-Jay found that Melbourne Polytechnic offered the right fit for her in terms of the learning environment and teaching style.

“I liked the style of teaching and I felt that I was in control of my learning when I was at Melbourne Polytechnic. I could connect with the teachers better than at school and I felt like I had a bit more time with them, even in class.”

Lee-Jay also developed a much stronger sense of motivation, knowing that this style of study suited her way of learning.

“I really wanted to go to Melbourne Polytechnic, whereas in high school I didn’t. I really liked the way they explained things; I just understood things better than I did in high school.”

Her favourite project was a fundraiser during her Senior VCAL course, an event called Free Expression Day, where all funds were donated to Beyond Blue. The class was split into teams and each had to organise a different part of the day.

“I got to prove that I could be a leader. Every group was doing something that was close to them, so we were expressing our thoughts and sharing our ideas. I really loved that day! And I made life-long friends out of experiences like these.”

Now studying on a different campus, Lee-Jay hopes to work in mental health perhaps has an outreach worker. While she’s only just started her Certificate IV in Community Services Work, she says that she loves it.

“I picture myself studying for a few more years, even if that’s part-time while I work, so I can keep upgrading. I think Melbourne Polytechnic just showed me how many things I could do. It was like a light-bulb went off in my head!”

Her advice to future students is to “explore your options, because you never know what will intrigue you!”


VCAL (Intermediate),VCAL (senior),Certificate IV in Community Services Work