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Kohei Yoda

When 28-year-old Kohei Yoda moved to Australia with his wife four years ago, he already knew what he wanted to do.

“I have a cousin in Japan who’s a car dealer and I wanted to learn the import /export trade so that I could help him with his business.”

The Tokyo native, who has just finished the Advanced Diploma of Business (International Business) at Melbourne Polytechnic, is hoping to set up his own business one day. Right now though, having just handed in his last assignment, he’s busy looking for a job. “I want to learn about the industry and make some connections.”

He says he found the course challenging at first because of the language barrier and the content. “I didn’t have any basic knowledge of law or logistics and it was four or five years since I had studied.” Yoda, who completed an Economics degree in Japan, said he sometimes had trouble with assignments so the teachers gave him extra help. “Some of the teachers were very helpful. They have a lot of professional knowledge and one of them runs his own business.”

His wife, a travel consultant, also helped him out with his English. “Once I had a base of knowledge in each subject, I found the second year a lot easier. Plus my English had improved.” The former restaurant worker says he’s keen to get experience in the import and export industry. Back in Japan he worked as a salesman for a gas company in Tokyo after graduating from university. “It was really busy and very full-on.” He’s happy with the move to Australia, but sometimes misses Tokyo’s crazy nightlife. “It’s been a good experience here. Compared to Japan, there’s more space and privacy and it’s less stressful.”


Advanced Diploma of Business (International Business)