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Kat Winduss

After years of working in hospitality Kat Winduss wanted to study nutrition but found out the university courses in nutrition were very science based.

The Certificate IV in Science at Melbourne Polytechnic provided a pathway to studying Biological science at La Trobe University and she was then able to transfer midyear into the Bachelor of Human Nutrition.

After years in hospitality, it was time to do something different. I’ve always had an interest in nutrition, so I researched some uni courses. Discovering that nutrition study is very science based was a drawback. I was never a ‘science person’. I knew I would struggle going to university in a field I had next to no knowledge of.

Through the magic of Google, I discovered Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV in Science. It seemed like a great way to get back into study and to see if I would enjoy studying something as structured as science. It turns out that I love it!

The teachers are all passionate, knowledgeable and very approachable. It’s much easier to get help if things get tough. I had quite a few arguments with maths over the year, but by the end we were getting along ok. At the start of the year we were warned that it is a tough year, but a fun year. That stayed with me all year, and was completely true. It was a lot to learn, but the people around you make it a pleasure. Taking on Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as Maths and writing skills, seems like a lot at first. When you notice that they all start to overlap at different points it’s quite eye opening.

The course was a fantastic stepping-stone to university. I received an early round offer to study Biological Sciences at LaTrobe, as a pathway to nutrition. The fundamental knowledge base gained during the year meant that I was able to consolidate and build on that knowledge and I received a midyear transfer into the Bachelor of Human Nutrition. I’m surprised by how often I find myself thinking how grateful I am to have done the Certificate IV before tackling uni. Learning the subject matter was valuable, but the other skills that come along with it, like learning what I’m capable of if I give it a go, is completely invaluable.


Certificate IV in Science