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Jessica Mace

Jessica Mace has been working with horses since she was eight years old and found a natural fit with Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Equine Studies, a course that encourages her to follow her passion and explore a range of pathways in the industry.

“Once I discovered that Melbourne Polytechnic offered Equine Studies, my choice was definitely easier.”

Jessica Mace recently completed her first year in the Bachelor of Equine Studies and has discovered that it is a perfect match for her passion and experience.

After completing the International Baccalaureate in her final year of secondary school, Jessica realised that she wasn’t drawn towards traditional careers.

“I first met a horse ten years ago and that’s been my life ever since. I just couldn’t see myself in an office job when I’m trying to aim towards an international competing career. Studying horses just seemed a much better idea to me!”

Jessica already had an interest in equine physiotherapy but was open to exploring other pathways. It’s something she’s come to value, the chance to study everything from anatomy and physiology, to how to manage studs and equine businesses.

“Throughout the year, I developed a deeper understanding of my life and how horses actually work and a much deeper appreciation for what they do for us. I really could go into any field of the equine world.”

Coming into the course following on from the stress of Year 12, Jessica has appreciated the supportive teaching staff and comfortable learning environment.

“Our teachers are fantastic …they’re happy to help you. It’s not an easy course, but it has the feeling of being relaxed.”

Jessica describes working alongside her peers as a highlight of her first year.

“We’re all really driven, get along well, have a good laugh and want to achieve the same things in the end.”

And while there have been challenges along the way, Jessica found there were none so great they couldn’t be managed and learned from.

"All the subjects presented challenges at times, some more than others. There were things you had to work through, times when you had to play to your strengths to get your marks up, in order to get over your weaknesses.”

As a member of the Young Riders Jumping Squad, Jessica is perhaps more accustomed than most to clearing challenging heights and tackling obstacles.

Her advice to prospective students is simple: try to follow what you really want to do, not what everyone is telling you to do.

“This year has been great fun all around. I’d definitely recommend this course!”


Bachelor of Equine Studies