Our Students

James Morris

After working dead end jobs for a few years, James decided that he wanted to live up to his dream. James enrolled in the Diploma of Visual Arts specialising in Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic and hasn’t looked back.

While at School James always knew that he wanted to do something creative, “I was always drawing and loved my art subjects all through school,” recalls James. However, after trying his hand at design, he began to question his outlook. “I thought that design was my only chance of getting a job, so when it didn’t work out I had no idea what I wanted to do.”

Unsure where he wanted to go with his education, James decided to take some time off, “I decided to do a gap year after school, but it sort of turned into a five year gap”. James worked various jobs in service and retail before deciding he wanted to take his life in a different direction.

James enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV in Design in 2012, when  the Institute was known as NMIT. After starting the course, James quickly found out that his employment options were much broader than he realised. “I never knew all the different possibilities of where my work could take me, or even what I would be best suited to. The teachers at Melbourne Polytechnic changed that.”

James is heavily influenced by ‘90s era animation but finds that his exposure to other developing artists, coursework and the industry is continually expanding his influences. “I chose Melbourne Polytechnic because it was practical, but I was really surprised at how much variety there was. We were constantly trying different things like computers and different mediums, we even did some animation.”

James completed his Certificate IV and decided to go on to a Diploma of Visual Arts specialising in Illustration in 2013. As part of his Diploma, James is exhibiting two pieces of his work at Melbourne Polytechnic’s Illustre exhibition titled Winter Landscape and Monogamy. The annual exhibition gives students a chance to exhibit their work to the public as well as make their first sales in the industry.

James likes what he’s doing, but also enjoys having long term plans to work towards. “I’m going to go on to the Advanced Diploma of Creative Arts Development next year. From there I want to go into concept design for Television or Cinema.”


Diploma of Visual Arts