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Isabelle Noble

As a musician, Isabelle Noble initially found it a little strange studying a Bachelor of Music in a tertiary institution.

She quickly embraced the experience, thriving in the supportive environment and appreciating the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, learn from guest speakers and make industry contacts.

For Isabelle Noble, a Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Music student interested in songwriting and production, the Bachelor of Music Industry was too exciting to ignore.

Isabelle Noble has sung and played music her whole life but has recently become more interested in the creation of songs and the behind-the-scenes work of the music industry. At the beginning of 2011, she moved from Noosa to Melbourne to enrol at NMIT, now known as Melbourne Polytechnic, in the Bachelor of Music.

"I wasn't quite sure what course I wanted to do, all I knew was that I wanted to study contemporary music. When I saw the Bachelor of Music I got excited. It was catering for a performer in the contemporary music scene who was also interested in music production. It covered different aspects of the music industry, which some courses don't do at all. I came down to Melbourne, saw the Fairfield campus and fell in love with it."

"A great thing about the course was the weekly evening songwriting class with Greg Arnold. He has won both APRA songwriter of the year and an ARIA, so it was great to learn from him. I thought it would be really technical, but we sat around in what Greg called the 'Hippie Circle' and we'd show everyone songs or ideas that we'd been working on. It was a positive environment where people offered help or advice or commended you on what you were doing. Because of that, I find writing songs comes a lot more naturally now."

A year into her course, Isabelle heard about the Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Music Industry and transferred across to the new degree. "I was so thrilled because it seemed like the course was created just for me. I'm choosing the songwriting and production streams, which will be directly related to what I want to do. I like the practicality of the course. It's very relevant to the music industry and it's going to evolve and develop as the music industry does."

Her studies have helped Isabelle focus on a career in the industry. "Over the past year I've worked out I really want to be a songwriter and producer. As well as producing my own stuff, it would be incredible to work with other artists. There are so many amazing musicians out there and being part of creating their music on recordings would be a really cool opportunity."

Isabelle has enjoyed her time at Melbourne Polytechnic and is looking forward to it continuing.

"When you're a musician it seems a bit weird going to university, going into a tertiary environment. Many people would say it's better to go straight out and work in the music industry, but what with the teachers being directly involved in the industry and with the impressive array of guest speakers, we're constantly being kept up-to-date with what's going on in the industry, not to mention making valuable contacts along the way. The bachelor is a great starting point for a music career. You learn more, you're getting involved and getting lots of experience. I'd highly recommend coming to NMIT to study music."


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