Our Students

Gurkaran Singh

I was referred to Melbourne Polytechnic by a close friend. So I thought I’ll give it a go.

I started my course (Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering) at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2009 and finished in 2010. In these two years I spent at Melbourne Polytechnic, I enjoyed every single minute of the lectures and practicals.

We get to do a lot of hands on training which makes the study a lot more interesting and provides a great deal of practical knowledge that helps the students in the long run.

How Melbourne Polytechnic has helped you secure a job at the council –

I work in the local government (Murrumbidgee Shire Council) as a Project Engineer. Melbourne Polytechnic has played a key role in helping me secure this job at the council as Melbourne Polytechnic provided me with the basic knowledge that gets applied in the field on everyday basis.

Your future goals – 

I am looking at my options of enrolling in Bachelors of Civil Engineering at Melbourne Polytechnic, which is due to start mid Next year. This will help me register as a professional Civil Engineer with ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA and provide me with an opportunity to step up to the role of Director of Engineering in the council in the near future.

Melbourne Polytechnic's teachers, facilities –

Melbourne Polytechnic has a great staff structure. I would like to mention Dr. Adil Abbas and Mr Trevor Sprout in particular, who have helped me a lot during my journey from the start to the end of the course by guiding me and leading me in the right direction.






Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering