Our Students

Gordon Liu

Age 22 to 24 are one of the most momentous stage in a person's life.

He determines what kind of people he wants to be and what he wants to do in the future. I am very lucky to enjoy these important years in Melbourne Polytechnic after came from China, because I achieved my goal of becoming a chef of contemporaneity cuisine and creating my own cooking style with the help of my teachers after enroll in Commercial Cookery Course. Every time when I muse over memories in Melbourne Polytechnic, I feel sweet and warm in my heart.

Andrew Shepherd, Chef Instructor of Melbourne Polytechnic, helps me a lot with my cooking. His training is very effective. With his training, I got one golden medal in the State Final of Aus Tafe Competition and won champion of Victoria in Worldskills Competition. For a boy who hadn't cook even in his home kitchen, this result is exciting. In my cooking study, I developed knowledge and skill on molecular gastronomy and fusion cuisine, then I created my own technique on molecular cooking and my own flavor pairing on fusion style cuisine. There is still a long way to get success, but in Melbourne Polytechnic, I step out the first step towards it. Now I focus on my own style cuisine, which work on the artistic affection of food. My dream is coming true. If there is a place where the impossible can be possible, dream can come true, can we call it wonderland?

I do appreciate Philip Tubb, Tourism instructor of Melbourne Polytechnic. He introduced me to some of the best artists in Melbourne after he knew my art-inspired cooking style. That chance completed my theory system of my cuisine. Melbourne Polytechnic is the biggest tafe institute in Victoria and all teachers are very close to us international students. Melbourne Polytechnic makes me feel at home. I chose Melbourne Polytechnic, I chose kind teacher and I chose good luck. After many years, when I recollected my youth, I would be proud of studying in Melbourne Polytechnic, learning from such good teachers! Melbourne Polytechnic changed my life.






Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)