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Eudosia Minglana

Eudosia Minglana has only completed a couple of semesters of her Bachelor of Hospitality Management, but she couldn’t be happier with her choice to choose Melbourne Polytechnic for her second degree.

Eudosia worked in the banking industry and had completed a Bachelor of Business at university, but she was looking for a way to find new challenges in her career.

“I was looking for some course where I could learn skills in management, and the Masters is very expensive. So I looked at the Bachelor of Hospitality Management, the subjects are more management subjects that don’t just apply to hospitality so I can use this in any industry.”

Eudosia was also inspired by a trip to the USA, where her experiences in hotels made her realise what a fun and interesting sector hospitality could be. So much so, that she left her job in the bank.

“When I went to America two years ago I really had a great time staying in the hotels, and so I thought: I need to change my career!”

Now she is enjoying every moment of her newfound direction. In particular, she loves the balance of theory and practical work, which makes a really refreshing change from the study she had done previously.

“I’ve been to uni and I wasn’t really happy with my studies at uni. I tried TAFE because I know at TAFE they are really hands-on. There is more doing what they’re teaching. Like in one of my subjects, which is an event management course, we do an event so we are able to apply what we’ve learnt. It’s not only theory it’s practice as well, so it’s great.”

Eudosia found the learning environment at Melbourne Polytechnic much friendlier than what she had experienced at uni too.

“Every one of us we get along, it’s really great. We’re all friendly even though we come from different backgrounds; that’s what makes it for me. I feel like I’m at home. I’m always looking forward to going to school.”

Not only is she having a great time learning, Eudosia was rewarded for her hard work with a study grant in 2013 at Melbourne Polytechnic when it was known as NMIT.

"Receiving the Study Grant Award of $1,000 was one of the best things that happened to me while studying at Melbourne Polytechnic. With this award it gives me added inspiration to be more dedicated and committed to my studies as your hard work is being rewarded. This is what makes Melbourne Polytechnic stand out from other universities or TAFEs."

She is also beginning to see how the subjects she is studying will help her to achieve her future goals.

“From the subjects so far that I have taken, I can see this is really what I need. My subjects, like the ones about small business and starting a business, are the steps that I need to take to really achieve what I want to do.”

For anyone considering returning to study or enrolling at Melbourne Polytechnic, Eudosia has the following advice: “Try it, because for me it’s the best place for my studies so far; I’m so happy that I did study at Melbourne Polytechnic.”


Bachelor of Hospitality Management