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Dominique Brown

Dominique Brown won a record deal with Darebin Council’s Decibel Records in her second year of the Bachelor of Music Industry.

She credits this with studying at Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly known as NMIT) where opportunities she’d only ever dreamed of suddenly became a reality.

“I auditioned for a lot of music courses, but I really liked NMIT’s campus and the audition felt comfortable and welcoming. It felt like I could belong here.”

Dominique Brown enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Music Industry after learning that it offered a strong focus on developing songwriters.

After finishing Year 12, Dominique enrolled in the Bachelor of Music. She moved across to the Bachelor of Music Industry in her second year, a newly created course with a focus on developing songwriters and industry skills.

“I always knew I wanted to study music but I didn’t know what I wanted to come from studying music. I never really knew there was a pathway for me.”

“Songwriting was the thing I enjoyed most. I didn’t know it was offered anywhere until I applied to NMIT and was told about it. That really made the difference for me. The course just seemed so much more appealing than the others on offer.”

Dominique remembers her audition being a pivotal moment in her decision to go to Melbourne Polytechnic.

“I just felt like I could belong at Melbourne Polytechnic from the interview and audition stage.”

She wrote her first song in Year 11 but now credits her teachers at Melbourne Polytechnic with encouraging her to take off and write as many songs as she can.

“We were given a song brief to write each week and while that sometimes meant a lot of pressure, in the end we were pumping out material and grateful because we then had more songs to perform. You’d be forced to write something you wouldn’t necessarily write, and when that pressure’s off, your versatility comes alive.”

Dominique found some of the teaching staff to be particularly supportive, helping her to produce songs, navigating recording contracts and even playing in her band when she was missing a musician.

“My teachers have seen it all in the music industry and there’s nothing they haven’t been able to help me with. They’re very down to earth and some of them are more like friends and mentors than teachers.”

Recording her first demo was a definite highlight for Dominique, closely followed by winning a record deal with Darebin Council’s Decibel Records in her second year.

“I had wanted to record a demo for so long, but never had the facilities or contacts.

And if I hadn’t gone to Melbourne Polytechnic, I wouldn’t have known about the Decibel Records competition.”

“It’s all the little things I’ve done at Melbourne Polytechnic that have made the difference.”

When it came time to sign contracts at Decibel Records, Dominique found that her teacher, Greg Arnold was invaluable in helping her negotiate the terms. She also felt prepared for the experience after studying contracts and agreements in her course.

“I love that the course is practical and relevant to my life.”

Her advice to prospective students of Melbourne Polytechnic is to try not to be boxed in and make use of the opportunities that come your way – even if you don’t know where they might lead.

“You have to say yes to everything! You may think nothing of it at the time, that it may not bring anything to you, but you never know who you’ll meet or work with.”


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