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Darryn Potroz

Darryn Potroz has been around computers all his life, a regular “fix it” man for his friends and family.

He eventually enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV and later, the Advanced Diploma in Information Technology. Currently completing the Bachelor of Information Technology, Darryn is keen to continue studying well into the future.

“We were being taught the knowledge the teacher brought in. They’d go into detail about a particular program and be able to relate it to their work. Then it all starts to make sense, because you realise what they’re telling you is the truth, it’s not just from a textbook.”

After exploring other practical careers, Darryn eventually returned to his first love, computers, and is now completing Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Information Technology.

“I’ve been involved in computers since I was six. I always had a computer near me and I love the challenge of fixing them and building them from scratch.”

After a variety of roles, working as a mechanic and engineer, Darryn decided to pursue a career in computers. When he realised that companies wanted to see a formal qualification, Darryn enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV in Information Technology.

“When I first contacted Melbourne Polytechnic, they seemed to be the best to talk to about the course. They called me back straight away and invited me in for a chat. They were just more willing to help me out and answer my questions.”

As the course unfolded, Darryn was impressed by his teachers’ flexible teaching style, particularly as he came into the Certificate IV course with a solid foundation of self-taught knowledge.

“They were really supportive. There were quite a few teachers who were more than willing to take me off to one side and give quite a few of us more advanced work.”

“That’s one of the reasons I went on to study the Advanced Diploma, because the teachers were so willing to adapt and because I had a good rapport with them.”

With a love of knowledge now firmly in place, Darryn, a self-described “knowledge junkie” enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Information Technology with an 18-month exemption for recognised prior learning (RPL) from these earlier TAFE courses.

He plans to study a PhD after completing his Bachelor degree and is already thinking of possible research ideas.

“I would absolutely recommend Melbourne Polytechnic to others, because the teachers are willing to listen and willing to adapt. They’re willing to work with you! And if you’re always there in class and listening, you’ll have no problems at all.”


Bachelor of information Technology