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Colleen Romeril

Colleen Romeril was thrilled when she discovered Melbourne Polytechnic's Bachelor of Accounting course focused on environmental sustainability as well as figures.

The course allowed her to upgrade her accounting skills while following her passion for the environment.

Colleen Romeril had an interest in environmental issues and was looking to update her skills after 20 years bookkeeping part-time. The Bachelor of Accounting at Melbourne Polytechnic was perfect for her.

For Colleen Romeril, the new Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Accounting started at just the right time. "I was enrolled in the last three units of my Melbourne Polytechnic Advanced Diploma of Accounting in January 2010 when I received an email about a new degree, combining pure accounting with environmental and business sustainability. I just looked at it and I thought, 'That's it, that's what I want to do'. It was the right time and it was perfect."

Colleen had spent 20 years looking after her two children and bookkeeping part-time for not-for-profit organisations, including a local youth refuge and the after care program at her children's school.

"I realised that if I wanted to move into something more demanding, I needed to upgrade my skills. I enrolled in the Melbourne Polytechnic Advanced Diploma of Accounting and loved it. I spent years doing it part-time, fitting it in with my kids and part-time work."

She then jumped at the opportunity to enrol in the brand new Bachelor of Accounting, finding the focus on sustainability particularly interesting. "Pure accounting didn't have that much appeal. It's what I'd been doing and it seemed like that's where I should go, but it wasn't my passion. I have a personal interest in environmental issues and the sustainability units of the Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Accounting are a significant component of the course. Sustainability is not covered in other Accounting courses and I think it's very brave of Melbourne Polytechnic, starting the program."

"I think it's a quality program with practical relevance. A lot of the work is project-based, so while you learn theory, you also have to go away and research real world examples, write about them and apply the theory that you are learning. If you put in, you can get so much out of it."

Colleen's hard work and enthusiasm has been rewarded with a study grant from the Melbourne Polytechnic Industry Foundation, which she received at a special presentation night in April 2011. She will finish the course at the end of 2011 and is looking forward to getting out into the workforce and using the skills and knowledge she has gained while completing her degree.

"I really enjoyed my TAFE experience. I found the learning environment was fantastic, with committed teachers and small class sizes, which allowed great discussion and personalised learning. It was wonderful being part of a diverse group of motivated, intelligent learners. It exceeded my expectations."


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