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Claudia Pino

Claudia Pino decided to try Melbourne Polytechnic's Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Network Security) to see if a career in IT was for her.

Claudia enjoyed the course, using it as a springboard for further studies. She is currently applying her knowledge as an intern Systems Analyst at ANZ.

Before she went straight from school to university, Claudia Pino chose the Melbourne Polytechnic Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Network Security) to see how a career in IT might suit her.

For Claudia Pino, the Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Network Security) was a great stepping stone into university.

"I always had an interest in IT. It was my favourite subject in high school but I didn't know if it was something I wanted to do as a career. So instead of going straight into uni I went to TAFE first."

Since graduating from  Melbourne Polytechnic in 2009, Claudia has studied in the Bachelor of Business (Business Information Systems) at RMIT, her previous qualification allowing her to enter in the second year of the RMIT degree. She is currently in her intern year, working at ANZ as a Systems Analyst.

"As part of my work I help look after anz.com. We receive projects from the bank, such as creating a home loan application tool for the website, which we design and build. I recently worked on redesigning the ANZ homepage."

"I like it because it's a lot of different work. You're always working on different projects with different people."

When Claudia finished school she didn't think she was ready for university, so she looked at enrolling in TAFE.

"The Melbourne Polytechnic Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Network Security) was recommended to me by a lot of people in the IT industry because it's really good for the technical side of IT. University tends to focus more on the business side of IT."

Claudia enjoyed the learning environment at Melbourne Polytechnic. "I liked the small classes and the close teacher contact. There was a lot of time for one-on-one teaching, the teachers gave good feedback and they were always happy to help me outside class hours if I had problems."

She was particularly impressed by the Melbourne Polytechnic Information Technology Student Exit Program, which aims to help IT students plan their transition from study to work. "We had people from the industry come and talk to us and we had the chance to ask them questions. We could also talk to past Melbourne Polytechnic students who have been able to get a job in the industry."

Claudia is hoping to get an offer of a graduate position with ANZ and work with the bank when she finishes her final year of university. She would eventually like to work in Project Management.


Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Network Security)