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Charlotte Jansson

Charlotte Jansson has always loved horses, but studying for her Bachelor of Equine Studies at Melbourne Polytechnic has opened more doors in the Australian thoroughbred industry than she may have expected.

In 2013, Charlotte was awarded the Mary Martin Scholarship by The Victorian Wakeful Club, an organisation of women involved in the thoroughbred industry in Australia that provides networking opportunities and celebrates the participation of women in the industry. The award is named after one of their members who lost her life in the Black Saturday bushfires.

In addition to a financial reward, Charlotte was invited to The Victoria Wakeful Club’s annual lunch at the races.

“It was nice to meet some people in the industry. It was a good day and I met some interesting people.”

Apart from her recent scholarship, there have been plenty of other highlights of her study for Charlotte so far.

“We’ve done a few really good field trips. The most recent one, we went down to the vet hospital in Werribee, which was a really interesting day. The practical work we do is good too. You really get to know the other students when you’re out doing things in the field.”

Charlotte has just completed her second year of the three-year course and is enjoying studying with and learning from other like-minded people.

“The teachers are all really good. They’re all really passionate about what they do and it’s always good when you hang out with other horsey people because there’s always something to talk about.”

With just one more year of study to go, Charlotte is also quite positive about the pathways open to her after graduation. Having studied at an agricultural high school in Sweden, she Charlotte is still inspired by one of her high school nutrition teachers.

“The main reason I wanted to do the Bachelor degree is that I’d like to go on and do more studying in the future, to do some research, and you need your Bachelors to go on and get your Masters. I’d quite like to get into equine nutrition one day.”

But feeling a little homesick for Sweden, one of the other benefits of the Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Equine Studies for Charlotte is its international transferability.

“Here in Australia there’s heaps of work. It’s a pretty big industry. I’ll probably work for a few years, and then when I’m ready for it I’ll go back to uni. If I wanted to go on to do Masters, I think I would like to go and do it at the agriculture University in Sweden. They are quite well-renowned.”

To anyone considering equine studies at Melbourne Polytechnic, Charlotte’s advice is simple: “If horses are their passion and what they want to do, then go for it.”


Bachelor of Equine Studies