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Chantelle Rogers

Chantelle Rogers was already working in the music industry, but wanted to develop her skills further.

Melbourne Polytechnic's Advanced Diploma of Music Business allowed her to blend practical experience with theory, including assisting mastering, manufacturing and distributing a band's single.

Chantelle Rogers studied the Melbourne Polytechnic Advanced Diploma of Music Business to develop her music management skills even further.

Chantelle Rogers was already working in the music industry when she enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of Music Business, but was looking to develop her skills further. She researched several different study options and chose Melbourne Polytechnic when it was known as NMIT.

"Melbourne Polytechnic just seemed to offer the right stream for me at that time for the work that I wanted to do."

Chantelle has been working in event management, booking, band management and moving towards publicity and promotion. She ran a fundraising event for Joy 94.9 FM in November 2010 and ended up working with one of the bands performing – Falloe.

Her work with Falloe led Chantelle to look at further study in the music industry and she is currently half way through her Advanced Diploma. As part of her major assessment, she assisted with the launch of Falloe's single 'Science of the Heart', working on the mastering, artwork, sponsorship, manufacturing, distribution and release.

The practical experience was worthwhile in consolidating the theory of the course. "You're learning things in the classroom that you haven't seen or heard about before but when you're out there doing it you're actually learning the process."

She says the course has prepared her well for work in the industry. "All the lecturers are really fantastic. They've all worked in the industry and they've all got their own companies, so they're really great helping out when you have questions."

Chantelle is due to finish the course at the end of 2011, and is being tempted by the new Bachelor of Music Industry being offered by Melbourne Polytechnic.

She is tossing up between applying to work in an established company and starting her own company. "I think in the music industry there are a lot of entrepreneurs who go out there and create their own work rather than be employed by someone else. It's a good place to start."


Advanced Diploma of Music Business