Our Students

Chady El Chiriti Hamzih

Chady came from Venezuela to study ELICOS and Computer Systems Technology at Melbourne Polytechnic

What are the 5 things you like most about Melbourne Polytechnic?

  1. It has many campuses which is very convenient
  2. The education is great and very professional
  3. It gave me the opportunity to have local work experience
  4. People in MP are very polite and helpful
  5. It has a great range of courses and qualifications to choose from

What is your favourite class and why?

Networking (LAN), Programming, Project Management.

Because, as an IT professional, I really enjoy and love the IT field, specially networking and project management. That was why I chose the advanced diploma of IT.

What tips do you have for new students about choosing where to study, what to consider when choosing which provider to study at, or considering coming to Melbourne Polytechnic?

MP is a great option if you are considering to study in Melbourne. It has many campuses around Melbourne and it is easy to reach by public transport, which is very important and convenient for international students. In addition, comparing to other institutions, the price is very affordable and I have found that the education level is better than expected.

What are your plans or goals? (Will you go onto further study and utilise the pathways, or plan on using your Melbourne Polytechnic qualification?)

I already had a degree in IT from my home country, so, I used MP to update my knowledge in the field, which I planning to use further. MP is great as it brings you a great range of courses to get your primary degree of to improve or update your education.

Why did you choose Melbourne Polytechnic?

  1. It brings a great range of study and I found what I like
  2. Better price compared to other options
  3. I did not want to live in the city and I found that MP has many locations
  4. When I did my research, I found that it was highly recommended
  5. MP answered my questions and requests very fast and professionally, So it helped me to process my student visa fast as well.

Anything else you would like to mention about your experience as MELBOURNE Polytechnic or Australia that potential students may be interested in?

Well, Australia and specifically Melbourne is a wonderful city to live in. It counts with great public transport facilities, it is very peaceful and safe, and it is a great place to live especially if you have children or if you are single. There are so many good places to visit in Victoria, great restaurants, pubs, parks, etc. and if you are planning to come to Melbourne, MP is in my opinion, the best option considering the price and benefits gained.




ELICOS and Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology