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Caroline Lobo

I started a Psychology degree after school, and for a long time I believed that I was in the right course at university, however, quite far into it, I realised that I had no interest in the field anymore. In my endeavour to get into a desired course at La Trobe I was advised to do a Certificate IV in Science at Melbourne Polytechnic.

However, I realised that I had left school so very long ago that I felt that I did not have the confidence to perform as well as I wanted to in Certificate IV in Science to be able to allow myself a shot at the University degree. 
With some much needed support from the staff at Melbourne Polytechnic, I realised I needed to take on the Certificate III in Science to build up not only my skills, but my confidence and my organisational skills. By being a part of the Cert III class this year, I now feel confident to tackle Certificate IV and achieve my best and I am more confident that I will be accepted into my choice of university course at the end of next year. Additionally, I feel that the Certificate III in Science has helped me gain skills and knowledge that I consider to be a priority for my future university degree. 
This year I was given different skills and methods essential to learning and was also taught how to tackle study in a balanced and efficient way. The experience of being in such an amazing class with great students and staff and fantastic support has made me love my time at Melbourne Polytechnic and I am so excited to be coming back next year. The campus is just an added bonus for it is inspirational and so calming and exactly the kind of haven I need for a study session. 
What I have achieved this year is absolutely invaluable as it has brought me a greater amount of confidence and skills than I thought possible. It was one of the best decisions I have made as it allows for me to have a firm base to ensure a successful education in the future. 
Caroline Lobo


Certificate III in Science