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Cameron Paice

Cameron Paice decided to study Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Music Industry, drawn to its involvement in the industry and focus on song production and studio experience.

Cameron Paice admits with a laugh, that he has his mum to thank when it comes to his success in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Music Industry.

“My mother set up an interview without telling me the day before I was going overseas. I’d left a double degree in Architecture/Construction Management but I wanted to do music. I decided I wanted to follow my passion and see if I could turn it into a career.”

He had been playing music for years and knew that he really wanted to write songs and produce music. Having come from a different industry, Cameron knew that he needed a course that was practical and provided professional links to the industry.

“The course was a really good option for me, to get to know people in the industry, because I didn’t know anybody. I didn’t even known how to put a band together!’

 Fortunately, Cameron convinced a mate of his from high school to enrol in the course. They’d been playing together for years and he thought it would suit him too.

“I started writing band oriented songs and teamed up with some of my classmates to form Yorque. We applied for a record deal with Decibel Records and when we won, we were able to record an EP and gain lots of exposure and a play a big launch show.”

Yorque also recorded songs for a YouTube program BalconyTV, which now has over 7,000 views worldwide, and featured in articles in Beat and Inpress magazines.

 “Decibel Records really helped push the band locally, and gave us all sorts of exposure that we might not have been able to do ourselves.”

It’s opportunities like these that the Bachelor of Music Industry is known for, as well as a dedicated staff of professional musicians and songwriters in their own right.

“Each week we have lessons with great producers and we learn so much about the studio environment and how to make everything sound ten times better.”

In the future, Cameron hopes to work in production as well as perform and sees the course as a great stepping-stone into the industry.

“I’d like to have lots of eggs in different baskets! I’d like to perform my music but I’m also interested in songwriting and producing for other people.”

“A lot of good producers start off as artists, performing and getting to know their way around a studio and having access to quality studios is great!”

As Cameron sees it, the course also offers encouragement and support as you carve out a new path for your passion and talents.

“There’s such a sense of encouragement through the course, it keeps reinforcing that you want to do this for a long time.  All the staff are there to help you work on your direction, acting as mentors.”

Cameron hopes one day to produce world-class acts. Until then, he plans to follow his own advice to prospective Bachelor of Music Industry students.

“Use the opportunities! Use the studio facilities as much as possible and talk to everybody.”


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