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Callan Hare

Melbourne Polytechnic student Callan Hare is enjoying his Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Management course, especially the one-on-one time with his teachers and the new facilities at Epping's Green Skills Centre.

As a high achieving student, Callan was awarded a $2500 Melbourne Polytechnic Study Grant.

Callan Hare is enjoying his time as one of the first students of the Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly known as NMIT) Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Management.

Callan Hare always knew he wanted to work outside and decided to look at farming as a career.

"Once I decided I wanted to do Agriculture, I went to various open days and sorted out my preferences. Then I went to Melbourne Polytechnic's open day and it seemed to be a better place to study and close to home, so I wouldn't have to move away at all. I met Damien Adcock, the Head of the Melbourne Polytechnic Higher Education Agriculture Program. I went home that day and I changed my preferences to put NMIT up the front."

Callan enrolled in the Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Management in 2010, as one of the first students undertaking the new course, and now has one year remaining.

"I like the way it's structured. You come in the morning, have your lecture, then do a bit of a hands-on tutorial, then come back after lunch and do the practical side. You learn about it all in the morning and put it into practice in the afternoon."

"I like the diversity in the course. It covers everything about agriculture, not just specific industries, like the dairy industry or crop production."

"The small class sizes are also good. It's one-on-one with your teachers, which is very different to courses at other universities."

The course is taught at the Melbourne Polytechnic Epping campus, where the students have been using the Melbourne Polytechnic Green Skills Centre, new in 2011. The centre provides training in environmentally sustainable practices for students in agriculture and construction. "It's been really good for classes. It's great having all the new technology around."

As a high achieving student, Callan was awarded a Study Grant in April 2011 for $2500, sponsored by Kubota Australia. He used the money for tuition fees, books and other study costs. "That was quite a bonus," he says.

Callan is considering farm management or some kind of consultancy when he finishes the course, but he isn't in a rush to begin full-time work.

"I finished Year 12 and came straight into the next level of education, trying to keep it all fresh and keep it going, so I didn't really get much of a break. When I finish I might take a couple of months off to travel and then I'll start looking for work."


Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Management