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Bridget Conlon

Bridget Conlon was looking for a way to extend her professional suite of skills and to take a more active role in her workplace.

Studying Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV in Human Resources was the perfect way to create some exciting new opportunities at work.

“The teachers were all really approachable and they knew their stuff. They’d all worked in the field and had background knowledge about their area. They always gave good examples to help get your head around things too—real-world examples, really relevant.”

Bridget Conlon’s interest in Human Resources was first kindled in her workplace, almost by accident.

“I’m an Office Manager and I was looking to take on a bit more responsibility. The HR in my company is done out of Sydney, so it was suggested that I do some work here in Melbourne to help them out. Our HR team are really lovely people and HR was something that was interesting to me, so it was wonderful to fall into it that way.”

Now that interest has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for her career.

Initially, Bridget was concerned that studying while she was working full-time might be a little too demanding, but she soon discovered that the two complemented each other quite well.

“It was really easy to schedule around my work and the workload was quite manageable.”

Even meeting deadlines was made easy.

“The assignments aren’t crazy-big and they’re spread out nicely so you can get it all done. Melbourne Polytechnic really do understand that you are working so they can be quite flexible.”

Bridget thrived in the learning environment at Melbourne Polytechnic, enjoying the professional and supportive approach of her teachers and fellow students.

“There weren’t a lot of people in my class which was good because we all worked together and discussed things; you never felt lost at all. It was a good mixture of people too, at different stages of their lives.”

There were also plenty of activities to show how each idea or skill could be used in the workplace.

“We did quite a bit of role playing and practical activities in class, for example one subject we had was about interviews, so we all had to write out questions and role-play interview each other.”

Particularly considering her growing HR role at work, this was something that was incredibly important for Bridget.

“You really got into the nitty-gritty of it, learning how to present yourself and what to ask—even some things that you thought you already knew, but didn’t.”

Studying has not only given Bridget the opportunity to extend her own professional skills, but has allowed her to make some positive changes at work.

“Learning about induction and 360-degree feedback, especially making sure that people are not afraid to voice how they’re going at work from the start, all went hand-in-hand with my job. It gave me a chance to really understand how those things were working and make a real contribution.”

Bridget is now planning to continue studying, hoping to eventually complete a Diploma of Human Resources. She has seen the real benefits of studying HR in her current job and is excited about the possibilities for her future.

“I’d definitely recommend this course. If you’re working in an office environment it’s a great way to up-skill and there are a lot more job opportunities if you have some HR skills under your belt.”


Certificate IV in Human Resources