Our Students

Ben Layton

Ben Layton is in the middle of his studies in graphic design at our Fairfield campus. Below, Ben shares some of his thoughts about the graphic design course and about one of the visiting industry speakers.

On orientation day I was asked to give a brief talk to the new students about what to expect from their first year in the graphic design program.

The main point I wanted to cover was that the course is actually great. It’s not only fun but you learn so much in the space of the first year, it’s incredible to see just how far you actually come by the time you finish. I told them how good all the teachers are and how understanding they are; their job is to guide you and help you improve on your skills and they do just that.

The work load can be difficult at times but if you apply yourself and keep organised you shouldn’t have any trouble. Not once did I come across a brief that I didn’t want to do. The course gives you such a verity in so many different areas of graphic design.

The first year of graphic design study is not only fun but extremely beneficial to you in learning just what it takes to get into the industry. The knowledge you will obtain from the course is so valuable and I highly recommended it and let all the new students know they made a good decision choosing this course.

In Professional Practice this year we had guest speaker Ben McIntyre come to our school to give the second year students a talk about his business and what he did after he finished his university course in graphic design.

As a student currently I still have no idea which area of graphic design I would like to get into or specialise in and sometimes that thought is overwhelming, it can make me doubtful about my own skill. Ben explained he left university as a freelance designer working from home which was comforting knowing he left not really knowing what he was doing also.

Just hearing Ben’s stories did reassure me a lot. Its one thing I tend to get very anxious about; not knowing if I’m good enough to go into the “real world” or if my work’s good enough, but he explained that you just have to get out there and put yourself in these situations.

One thing he told us was it didn’t matter if you were talking to the CEO of a company or the janitor, they’re all humans just like you and me so really there’s nothing to be scared of. Hearing this made me think a lot and realise that it’s not that scary after all going out into the big world. The idea is still daunting but he has given me a bit more confidence.

Overall I really enjoyed Ben’s talk and his visit to the school. It was really eye-opening and helpful to hear tips and advice coming from someone who’s in the industry and running his own successful business. It made me think, ‘hey, I can do just what this guy does and achieve my goals’.


Diploma of Graphic Design