Our Students

Ben Callaghan

I came to this course from a non-scientific background, and had not studied since high school. Returning to study after 7 years is a challenge, and it takes time for your brain to readjust to 'learning mode'. Fortunately the staff were highly experienced, and more than willing to provide extra help to those that needed it.

It was a welcoming and accommodating environment to learn in, I never felt that the staff were unapproachable or unavailable. It became apparent throughout the course of the year that the staff's experience and knowledge base was exceptional. 

As an electronics hobbyist I have always considered myself to be technically minded with an interest in the physical sciences. But I did not have the mathematical background to undertake any further scientific education.

For anyone finding themselves in this situation, this course is exceptional in its ability to combine pure math learning with practical application of the same mathematical skills. To see your new found knowledge becoming evidently useful in practice is both enlightening and rewarding.

This course has only strengthened confidence in my decision to pursue a career in the sciences. I feel excited for the future and confident that I am now ready to take on university studies next year. Since completion of the course I have had two early offers to study a bachelor of science at university next year. All the hard work was worth it!

Ben Callaghan


Certificate IV in Science