Our Students

Bailey O’Connor-Tennant

Originally from Canada, Bailey never thought she would do her training in Melbourne. However, Melbourne Polytechnic turned out to be a perfect fit, with Bailey excelling in her course and winning the prestigious ISES emerging talent award.

Bailey moved to Australia to after spending her gap year travelling here. Once settled in Melbourne, she decided that she wanted to get the qualifications she needed to go into the events management industry. She found that Melbourne Polytechnic’s course suited her perfectly, and gave her an accurate look at what her future profession would be like. “I found a niche that I was perfect in,” said Bailey. “It just really feels like this is what I should be doing, and that’s the first time I have ever felt like that.”

The Diploma of Events students in Bailey’s class had involvement with the International Special Events Society (ISES), with each student applying to be on the board of the ISES student conference.

Three students from Melbourne Polytechnic when it was known as NMIT, including Bailey and three others, were selected to be part of the committee for 2013. They produced the annual ISES Student Conference with funding from ISES which was held in May, 2013. “It was really an amazing experience,” said Bailey. “I have the teachers at Melbourne Polytechnic to thank for getting me to apply. It was a great opportunity to get hands on experience at managing a large event.”

Bailey as recognised for her efforts on the committee, winning the ISES emerging talent award for 2013.

For Bailey, one of the most interesting things about working in events management is the challenge of doing it in a place she hasn’t lived her whole life. “Melbourne has such a different culture and people to Toronto,” said Bailey. “The challenge is really interesting, and there are so many great venues here. The weather is a lot different to Canada as well, you can actually hold things outdoors!”


Diploma of Events