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Anthony Cugnetto

Anthony Cugnetto decided to follow his interest in IT and enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Dual Certificate in Networking and Programming attracted by the breadth of the course and the chance to explore different pathways. 

Anthony then studied Melbourne Polytechnic’s Advanced Diploma in Process Improvement and articulated into a Bachelor of Information Technology (Business Analyst) at Swinburne University. 

“I had a really good class, there were a lot of people I was friends with and am still friends with now, so that helped me get through any challenges, and made it really enjoyable to study.”

An interest in IT prompted Anthony Cugnetto to enrol in several courses at Melbourne Polytechnic and allowed him to carve out a clear pathway into university study.

Anthony Cugnetto was pursuing a career as a professional tennis player, before an injury derailed his plans at the age of 19. With an interest in IT, he enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Dual Certificate II in Networking and Programming to see what might interest him.

“I thought I’d get into a course that was broad, with a bit of everything. I thought the dual certificate was a good way to do that.”

While unsure of which direction to take, Anthony did hope to eventually gain a pathway into university.

“I was at Melbourne Polytechnic for two years and realised my studies could lead me into a university course. When I eventually enrolled in the Bachelor of Information Technology at Swinburne University I received 18 months off my degree for prior learning.”

Studying at Melbourne Polytechnic was the first time Anthony had studied since high school, something that took a little getting used to at first.

“It was tough to get back into study as we had 9-4pm classes everyday, something I’d never done before, but it was a good place, so I learnt a lot pretty quickly.”

Anthony describes the teaching style as “not strict” but appreciated that a lot of the work was “self-driven”, preferring that to “being told what to do all the time.”

The major project during the Advanced Diploma in Process Improvement was a highlight of his studies at Melbourne Polytechnic. Working in a group of six, Anthony and his peers had to create a system for a client, undertaking interviews with the client and formally presenting their solution in front of an audience.

Anthony received an encouragement award in his first year and a $1000 study grant in his second year, which helped pay for study expenses.

“My time at Melbourne Polytechnic gave me different options. The two certificates meant that I could move one way or the other way. In my resume, I can say that I’ve done both and have qualifications in both areas.”

 “I would recommend Melbourne Polytechnic to other students if they’re interested in doing a TAFE course. It’s very flexible learning, not like high school or going straight into uni.”

“I soon worked out that I liked the business side more than the technical side, so I enrolled in the Business Analyst course at Swinburne University and learned that I was exempt from the technical courses.”

Anthony is currently working in the membership department at North Melbourne Football Club on a full-time, one-year paid placement and finds it “a really good place to be working at.”  He is due to complete his degree in the next six months.

“Because I’ve been part of sport my whole life, I really wanted to get this placement. It’s a good fit for me!”


Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Management